Friday, April 6, 2007

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Clearly something is amiss in Port Clyde, Municipality of Barrington, Nova Scotia. The comments posted here overwhelmingly question, if not outright refute, the claims C. Blinn has made in describing the properties she has sold in Barrington. Her comments about J. Harlow have also met with opposition.

The Building Inspector for the Municipality of Barrington says "they are selling lots that don't exist on street names that don't exist". The folks who have commented have pointed out the apparent misrepresentations between C. Blinns descriptions of everything from the names of towns, their sizes, their distances from other places, the condition of the land sold etc. etc. and their particular knowledge of the area. C. Blinn states "I did not know that Harlow and Gillespie were the people in charge of Shelburne County!".

This comment begs the question of when the elected officials of the Municipality of Barrington will weigh in on this matter. Upon viewing the Municipality of Barrington website it is clear to me that the general populace and the local officials both care for and cherish their home towns and the quality of life it affords them.

Both, I assume, also care deeply about the image the Municipality of Barrington depicts to the world. The growing and far reaching situation of eBay land sales in your municipality by Nova Scotia Land Sales, and possibly other internet companies, needs to be thoroughly researched, immediately, by Council and Committee Members as they have been absent from this situation thus far.

For clearly something is amiss in Port Clyde, Municipality of Barrington, Nova Scotia.

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Carmen said...

Gillespie, you're the only one posting messages on here. That's really sad.

Anonymous said...

Shutup Carmen people are sick of your opions and your lies and don't you worry plenty of people would like to make comments and they will ! just don't you worry !