Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Still Going Strong in 2013?

Much time (5 years or so) has passed since the eBay Land Sales of Nova Scotia real estate that many have come to believe were nothing more than old fashioned Land Scams. It appears as if some of those players are "still going strong".
One, Carmen Blinn of Antigonish Nova Scotia, boasts of her real estate specialty of developing beautiful vacation acreage, and having developed approximately 40 subdivisions to date. And seems to be in the land selling business in Nova Scotia using some very familiar terminology.

(BEWARE: Is this the same Carmen Blinn that is discussed in those old posts and news articles? Where is Kevin Blinn or Kevin Layes ? Is this the same land that was described as so promising in the old eBay listings? Is Nova Scotia Land Sales now Nova Scotia Canada Property Sales? If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck it probably is a duck.)

The following comments from the Nova Scotia Canada Properties Sales website appear to be the complete opposite from the claims of previous buyers of land from Carmin Blinn through Nova Scotia Land Sales. Namely, there were no guarantees, no access and the properties were not suitable for the claims made in the sales pitches. In fact the properties sold became land investors nightmares!

"My team of Contractors, Nova Scotia Land Surveyors and Lawyers work on every property to guarantee the land I sell to be accessible, beautiful, free and clear of encumbrances, and suitable for the buyer's purpose!"

"I am dedicated to bringing each and every one of my customers added value. The property I sell is a land investor's dream."

But you can read about Carmen Blinn for yourself at her website.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

eBay land sellers a "no-show" at court....

eBay land sellers a "no-show" at court-ordered examination... contempt sanctions to be sought....
Carmen Blinn and Kevin Blinn failed to appear Thursday in Truro at a discovery examination ordered recently by two separate Supreme Court Justices. The examination is part of a court case in which Carmen Blinn and her numbered company sued the publisher of SCT and a local real estate broker for defamation involving claims of fraud and deceitful sales practices in Port Clyde land being sold on eBay and in which those defendants have also sued Carmen Blinn and Kevin Blinn for defamation. more...

Reported by novascotiatoday.com 12/07/07

Saturday, November 24, 2007

650 acres gone overnight!... U.S. owner claims Barrington, Nova Scotia land stolen from her...

650 acres gone overnight!... U.S. owner claims Barrington, Nova Scotia land stolen from her... In a peculiar twist in an already twisted tale, Lisa Deltorchio of Gloucester Massachusetts claims she and her husband are the rightful owners of more than 680 acres of land which has been for sale on eBay by Carmen & Kevin Blinn, an Antigonish couple enmeshed in at least six law suits regarding their eBay land sales practices in Shelburne, Yarmouth and Victoria Counties. "We have a warranty deed from 1959 when my father-on-law bought it and a warranty deed from 2003 when he gave it to us," insists Mrs. Deltorchio, referring to a large tract of land straddling Port LaTour Road in Port Clyde, Shelburne County....

full story ShelburneCountyToday

Original Property Description

This Post is to remind us all of the property description used in the original eBay sales literature in October 2006.

Nova Scotia Land Sales advertised this piece of land for sale on eBay:

Water View, Ocean View, Nova Scotia Canada Land, 2.3 ac

Paved Rd Front Electricity Phone Cable + High Speed Net

Lot xx - 2.3 acres (approximately 100,000 SQUARE FEET) of beautiful ATLANTIC OCEAN VIEW property resting along the shores of the ATLANTIC OCEAN, in PORT CLYDE, BARRINGTON, NOVA SCOTIA.

The property has excellent panoramic water views of the Atlantic.

The property is 5 minutes from the large town of Barrington, Nova Scotia, Canada !!!!


Local bridge across the Clyde River only a short walk from the property.
Sandhills Beach (Public)... 2.5 miles of white sand located next to the property
In total there are over 14 White Sandy Beaches within 10 minutes of the property!

The golf at "River Hills" (next door - short walk) is excellent and challenging

The white sand beaches are within walking distance. The 18 Hole Championship Public Golf Course is also within walking distance.

The area is serviced with high speed internet, cable, phone, electricity, and yes, cellular phone service works on the property. This property is Ocean View residential, but commercial activity is permitted

The land is situated perfectly, less than 5 minutes to Barrington, Nova Scotia

This property is in the perfect location for a permanent residence, summer home, or cottage retreat. The property has excellent building sites OFFERING AMAZING OCEAN VIEWS. There are numerous areas excellent for construction

- Motorcross Park within 5 minutes.
- Ocean Marina's within 3 minutes.
- Queen's County Drag Strip only 20 minutes away.
- High Speed Internet on the lot.
- Phone Service on the lot.
- Cable Television on the lot.
- Electricity on the lot.
- Breathtaking Ocean Vista's.
- Lobster Pound (Wharf) for Ocean Fresh Atlantic Lobster from the boat, 4 minutes away.
- Whale watching tours nearby.
- River Fishing on the Property on Judas River.. located at the rear of the development.
- Deep sea Fishing within 4 minutes away (excellent swordfish).
Kayaking and Canoeing on the Development in the Judas River and Clyde River.
- Hiking, Jogging, Scenic Walks along the Canadian Trail on the development.

The property is easy to build on

This 2.3 acre parcel (LOT xx) is ideal for building a home, cottage, or summer getaway


Bridge across the Clyde River, next to the property.
Connecting to the Clyde River, from the back of the development is Judas River, which offers excellent kayaking, canoeing and fishing.

Needless to say, the above land description Does Not describe the land any of us purchased from Carmen Blinn via Kevin Layes/Blinn. ( And now someone say's it's not Blinns land to sell!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kevin Blinn and Kevin Layes and Carmen Blinn in Nova Scotia Court

Events are unfolding quickly in the eBay land sales story up in Nova Scotia. A couple of the main characters have been involved in a law suit in Supreme Court in Halifax for the last few weeks seeking $200 million dollars from a group of lawyers that Kevin Blinn/Layes claims cheated him out of a bottled water company. Questions about Kevin Layes' involvement in the land sales and his relationship with Kevin Blinn and Carmen Blinn have been raised.

During the proceedings it appears all sorts of questionable actions in Blinn/Layes' past have come to light. Convictions for fraud, questions about a common law wife, using an assumed identity, ( presently he's involved in 4 or more other lawsuits ) and possibly contradicting himself on the stand.

For me the bottom line seems to be: Kevin Blinn/Layes has been in and out of serious legal trouble for a decade. He is a convicted felon on parole for fraud. The present business venture in which he is involved with Carmen Blinn has resulted in the filing of at least 4 lawsuits. The Spiders are getting caught in their own web.

I wonder if there is anyone out there who would vouch for the character of Kevin Blinn, Carmen Blinn, or Kevin Layes? Step up PLEASE!

NavaScotiaToday.com has been covering this story in Halifax.

A Visit to Nova Scotia Land Sale Property

The following is an account of a recent visit ( Fall '07 ) to the property advertised on eBay as dry, with ocean views, utilities to lots, treed, build able, perfect for vacation home site, close to town, etc., etc., etc.

The full list of promises is seems endless and ALL are misrepresentations made by the sellers.
The seller, Nova Scotia Land Sales, is no longer a member of eBay but continues to peddle land under different names on the internet. -swampthing

Letter & Pictures from the trip:

Hi All,
First, my apologies for taking so long to communicate back after our trip to Nova Scotia. The Nova Scotia Province is absolutely beautiful and investing here is truly the way to go. I Still Believe..., BUT not on this piece of land.
Our property lies on the corner of Ocean View and Seaview Roads, and I was told it was probably one of the better properties here. We could see the Harbor (Yes, harbor and not ocean view), but it's a speck in the distance. I cannot believe every lot will be able to see this speck water view as it can only be seen from off the Ocean View road and possibly a couple of sites inward.
When you look at the road, it is raised higher up than the land, so my belief is we could throw a similar high driveway on our land, but we would have to find a place to dump, get water and you ain't gonna find cable and electric here!!
It was wonderful to meet the local area natives! You know who you are!! Thanks for your time and we'll be back to meet up with you again.
For the rest of us, I think we should still have an Alumni group get-together and meet once a year. I happen to know a reputable realtor in the area, who really does have some nice waterview properties.

Dead End

Tour Guide

The Land

The Tall Trees

Bog Moss on the Property (yes, it's wet)

A New Propert Owner

A squat view of the Trees and Dry Terrain

Tour Guide Looking at the Water View

Further Down Ocean View Rd.