Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Still Going Strong in 2013?

Much time (5 years or so) has passed since the eBay Land Sales of Nova Scotia real estate that many have come to believe were nothing more than old fashioned Land Scams. It appears as if some of those players are "still going strong".
One, Carmen Blinn of Antigonish Nova Scotia, boasts of her real estate specialty of developing beautiful vacation acreage, and having developed approximately 40 subdivisions to date. And seems to be in the land selling business in Nova Scotia using some very familiar terminology.

(BEWARE: Is this the same Carmen Blinn that is discussed in those old posts and news articles? Where is Kevin Blinn or Kevin Layes ? Is this the same land that was described as so promising in the old eBay listings? Is Nova Scotia Land Sales now Nova Scotia Canada Property Sales? If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck it probably is a duck.)

The following comments from the Nova Scotia Canada Properties Sales website appear to be the complete opposite from the claims of previous buyers of land from Carmin Blinn through Nova Scotia Land Sales. Namely, there were no guarantees, no access and the properties were not suitable for the claims made in the sales pitches. In fact the properties sold became land investors nightmares!

"My team of Contractors, Nova Scotia Land Surveyors and Lawyers work on every property to guarantee the land I sell to be accessible, beautiful, free and clear of encumbrances, and suitable for the buyer's purpose!"

"I am dedicated to bringing each and every one of my customers added value. The property I sell is a land investor's dream."

But you can read about Carmen Blinn for yourself at her website.