Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kevin Blinn and Kevin Layes and Carmen Blinn in Nova Scotia Court

Events are unfolding quickly in the eBay land sales story up in Nova Scotia. A couple of the main characters have been involved in a law suit in Supreme Court in Halifax for the last few weeks seeking $200 million dollars from a group of lawyers that Kevin Blinn/Layes claims cheated him out of a bottled water company. Questions about Kevin Layes' involvement in the land sales and his relationship with Kevin Blinn and Carmen Blinn have been raised.

During the proceedings it appears all sorts of questionable actions in Blinn/Layes' past have come to light. Convictions for fraud, questions about a common law wife, using an assumed identity, ( presently he's involved in 4 or more other lawsuits ) and possibly contradicting himself on the stand.

For me the bottom line seems to be: Kevin Blinn/Layes has been in and out of serious legal trouble for a decade. He is a convicted felon on parole for fraud. The present business venture in which he is involved with Carmen Blinn has resulted in the filing of at least 4 lawsuits. The Spiders are getting caught in their own web.

I wonder if there is anyone out there who would vouch for the character of Kevin Blinn, Carmen Blinn, or Kevin Layes? Step up PLEASE! has been covering this story in Halifax.

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