Wednesday, October 3, 2007

To Continue this venue seems important

My intention was to let others continue this venue and discuss what is happening with real estate and Internet sales.

It has become clear to me that when "new" buyers purchase land and then feel as if they have been mislead, many resort to doing searches on the Internet to put the missing pieces together.

And herein lies(no pun) the value of a venue like this and the sole reason for keeping it going and updated.

Recently I have been made aware of another buyer of property from Kevin and Carmen Blinn of Nova Scotia who feel that they have purchased land vastly different from the description in the sales literature. (Night and Day is not to far fetched!)

Certainly there are others out there who have not come to realize the situation in which they are involved- and they have land in Nova Scotia, the U.S and likely elsewhere- and have been the victim of land fraud too.

So I hope this blog is useful to others when they start their searches to right injustices.

Post your view, Complain, Disclose the identity of the fraudsters, Explain what you are doing and what you are up against. I know it's helping others.

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