Saturday, March 31, 2007

Complaints & Reporting

This info is from THE BOG, visit the site for information regarding Nova Scotia eBay land sales. (Other complaint and reporting information is requested for ALL jurisdictions. You leave it, I'll post it.)

Fraud Alerts: If you think you might have been the victim of fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, coercion or undue influence in a eBay land purchase in Nova Scotia (or anywhere else in Canada), you should immediately file a complaint, spelling out the details of the (alleged) fraud (see a sample here), and send it to the authorities and agencies below.
This serves several purposes:
=it puts your complaint on record with authorities and, if there are several complaintants, the agencies will see a definite pattern
=if the alleged fraudsters are aware of your complaints to authorities, you may get some relief from them
=it shows due diligence if and when you may be forced to take legal action
=it could give other victims the support needed for them to take action
=once you have reported the issue to authorities, news reporters are able to report on the fact that you have made a complaint and can report on the substance of the complaint.


eBay fraud complaint form: Probably a good idea, but action by them less likely than being hit buy a comet. Also, time limit is 90 days from close. Many property buyers do not find out about problems until they visit the property.

PhoneBusters National Call Centre (PNCC): It collects consumer complaint information through its 1-888-495-8501 toll-free number. Fax number: 1 (888) 654-9426 e-mail

Though designed to prosecute key individuals in Canada involved in telemarketing fraud under the Criminal Code of Canada (including) facilitating prosecution by United States agencies through extradition, and by Industry Canada under the Competition Act.) you should be on record with them. Reporting Economic Crime On-Line.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has developed a central web-based crime reporting center entitled RECOL. The objective is to offer citizens a single point of entry, via the phone, fax or Internet, to lodge a complaint concerning any frauds, traditional or Internet based, and have it directed quickly and efficiently to the respective law enforcement or investigative agency for action.
RCMP's Security Fraud Information Centre - e-mail Scam Contact
RCMP (the Mounties are our local police). The RCMP should know if you feel that any type of fraud may have occurred in any land sale in Shelburne County. Sgt Barry McLellan 902-875-2490
Competition Bureau of Industry Canada: e-mail 1-800-348-5358
Strike back against fraud news release

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