Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wild West

We've been hearing that there's a new day dawning on the interent because of the success of eBay and other auction sites, but it's not such a pretty sight, when it comes to the lawless practices by some on the internet.

Just a cursory review this morning showed no fewer than 13 "Guides" on the eBay site alone describing various scams and ripoffs, from Florida to Texas to Oaklahoma. (see

In researching a story to be published next week about eBay online land sales, I spoke to disgruntled buyers of land in Nova Scotia, Canada, who live in New York, Virginia, Florida, Georgia and elsewhere. Some are are trying to get their money back after having found the true meaning of caveat emptor and some have even hired big-city lawyers and have filed suit in superior court.

From a selfish point of view, I'd be very interested in what other stories people in the USA and Canada have to offer and what they think can be done to stem the growing tide of real estate nightmares.

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